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AssaultRifle Lift Case / Display

Assault Rifle Lift Case

Introduced in Jan ‘10, this is our newest case. It was designed to hold and display most assault rifles, but can also display handguns and some long guns as well. The most unique feature of this case is that it lowers into the cabinet with a touch of a button. While lowered, the guns are completely concealed and secured. While raised, the guns are secured to the gridwire display wall with our gridwire locking systems. Each gun is attached with it’s own lock for extra convenience and security. The guns can be displayed either horizontal or vertical. This fixture can display up to 32 guns (16 on each side).

Grid Wire Gun Locking Systems

It was first introduced with the Assault Rifle lift case, a simple but effective method of securing many different styles of firearms. On the horizontal mounted displays, each firearm is locked individually on the gridwire. We also have a vertical mounting system that secures sets of 4 AR's. Not only can it secure you AR's, it can secure long guns as well. We also produce gridwire lock for handguns.

Stow' N Show Trade Show Secured Cases

Display Solutions has newly developed a product that was designed specifically for the trade show industry. A set of removable table top display cases are stored in a secured lockable cabinet. It also has secured long gun storage.

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